When he doesn't text or call?

so, I met this guy and we were emailing, texting, and we talked on the phone a couple of times before we decided to go on a date. we went to a movie then dinner and then decided to go for coffee because we were both having a good time and wanted to continue getting to know each other.

the next day, I texted him thanking him for the night before and he texted me back saying that he had a great time and ended up texting throughout the day/night.

also that night we ended up having a friendly bet on a football game. if my team won he would buy me dinner and if my team lot I would buy him dinner...my team ended up winning...we never really made any specific plans but basically we planned on having dinner again.

prior to this, we had been texting pretty much everyday or at least every other day. now, I haven't heard from him since the game (which was almost 2 weeks ago). I did text him (just hey, what's up) a few days after the game and never got a response.

I know that he is really busy...but how long does it take to txt someone? which leads me to this: should I just get over him? is he just not into me?

i am giving him space- I'm not obsessed with him! I am seeing other guys and I am not waiting around for him. of course I am somewhat curious, but I will obviously find out one way or another...if we rnt meant 2 be then, we rnt meant 2 be!
also, he has been the one to initiate the majority of all our communication


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  • Just give him some space, if the relationship is important to him, or he sees a future in it, he'll get back to you about it. The harsh reality of it is that it might not be the case. Don't sit around and wait for him to come back, be open-minded about what's going on if he does decide to text/email/call you back. Just keep on living your life and go from there.


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  • Haha the answer is simple. Lol this guy reminds me of myself. Wow I should really charge for this sublime information. Anyways, if you want to know whether or not he likes you; it's not that he doesn't like you, because he does, it's just that he doesn't like you a whole lot or as much as you like him. You see, men have their number one girl or in street terms their "ride or die chick." That's the level you want to attain, but you have not. You're the supplementary chick or the girl who keeps him from obsessing over the girl he really likes (you're the side hoe). It's what I'd like to call "the snack pack" If one accidently falls from the bag, there's always a second, or third, or fourth; whichever number of snack you may be. No need to worry about the fallen delight for there is always a replacement. You know how you mentioned previously that you are "seeing other guys"? Well those are your side hoes because we both know you really like this guy, hence you asking about him and not those "other guys". This guy knows that he's got you in the bag and you'll only hear from him when things aren't going so well with the ride or die chick. An alternative and yet hard to swallow viewpoint I know, you'll hear from him again, but when you do, don't text him back... Let him basque and toil in the empty sunlight with the prospect of not getting you back. He'll hound and nearly stalk to reclaim what is rightfully his.Then you can either boot him or bag him, the choice is yours. Priceless information, it could be deadly if read by the wrong eyes...but you deserve it.

  • If he's the one that initiates the majority of the communication, then he probably has moved on, and if he's really busy, and you're seeing other guys, why settle for this guy if you could have someone give you the attention that you desire?


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  • Give him space, possessive twat.