Do I have the right to ban all his ex's?

Basically my ex and I have been dating for 4months now. I knew he was friends with his ex's from day one I was ok with that I trusted him. Then two of his ex's an done of his ex's mother started to try and make comments which wer hanging a dig at me and one even made up she was pregnant. I tried to talk to him about it all after all the drama died down but he kept trying to change the subject or he got angry and spoke very loudly so everyone around us could hear us arguing which obviously shut me up as I don't like people knowing my business.
I'm still pretty hurt by everything that came up it and every time I broach the subject he kicks off as he thinks I can't let it go and I'm throwing his past back in his face and what happens with my ex's isn't his fault? I'm not happy with the fact he goes running to his ex's bitching about me to her and turning to her in his hour of need. nor am I happy with Nasty remarks being made by his ex and her mother. I have done and said nothing to provoke any of this! Four months on and I out my foot down I told him to block all ex's and their family members out of his life he told me he did, I had a lovely evening the other night and abit of wine and suddenly blurted out if he deleted everyone ex he said very one but one. Despite him telling me he blocked everyone a few days before. To me that's not good enough and he's lied to me and he's threatening to leave me because I won't have his ex's interfering in our life if he loves me I think he should do so I tried everything to kept them in his life but when our relationship is being jeopardised I think I have every right to it my foot down and ask him to get them of his life completly ... He's choosing them!
Am I in the wrong or is he? I don't know what to do I really love this guy by I can't compete with the ex's he says he need to move on from?


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  • If a past relationship is causing that much drama, tell him to let go. The past is the past and he is with you now. He shouldn't be worrying about what his ex is doing. There's a reason she's an ex.

    • That's what I said but he can't see this particular ex has done anything wrong really hurts to know he won't stand by me in this.

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  • to be honest your a side chick or his ex's are when he argues with you he goes back to his ex's to get the booty by bitching about you and of course the ex is going to do what she can to get him back including giving him the booty call
    dump him and find a real man to treat you right every relationship has to have trust but there is limits as what one does with the ex and him getting all mad about ti just means one thing he cheating and placing blame on you and he knos he can make you shut up by raising his voice for everyone to here , it is no one's business but yours his and the ex's he cheating plane fact

  • Your both wrong here

    • Somif we are both wrong what do we do?

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    • I honestly see where your coming from. You feel he has betrayed you and didn't defend you when the X and her mom were talking smack shit talk. I can see why your fired up

    • The approach is wrong. Ultimatums would set me in concrete and I wouldn't budge based on a mind set of being controlled

  • You do not.


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  • I don't think what you are asking of him is unreasonable. I mean they are interfering in a huge way in your relationship and causing a lot of unnecessary drama. It would be different if they were not doing anything and you were just being insecure. But you have clearly let him have a chance, and then the drama started.

    I think out of respect for your relationship, he should be at least willing to delete and block the one's who are causing the drama. There is nothing wrong with remaining friends with an ex. Sometimes you just do. But if they are trying to get you back or trying to cause problems, then they have to go.

    I would sit down and talk to him about this. Try to be fair, but also make sure to let him know you are not comfortable with them interfering in the relationship.