Girls, What quality of a guy do you find most attractive?

I am going to run this a bit like a poll just to see what the answers are like but if there is another quality that you dont see on here please let me know. Based on the answers in the poll please vote on which one of those you find the best quality, and then you can post your opinion below. Thanks!

Guys can answer too, I dont really have any questions for you, but if you want to provide some insight or commentary then you can go right ahead.

  • A fit body thats on the slimmer side, with a six pack, and muscles
    11% (2)0% (0)8% (2)Vote
  • Funny
    11% (2)0% (0)8% (2)Vote
  • Gorgeous eyes and a nice face
    11% (2)17% (1)12% (3)Vote
  • Really kind, caring, and compassionate
    58% (11)0% (0)44% (11)Vote
  • Extremely smart, passionate and talented in a particular field
    9% (2)0% (0)8% (2)Vote
  • Money!!!
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • I'm a guy who is just passing through
    0% (0)83% (5)20% (5)Vote
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