Is he just not that into me?

Is he just not that into me?
Known this guy for a while yes we've been having sex too... So I called him a few days ago and he didn't get back to me until today and said he's "in dc and will be coming back soon" I had called him and text him Friday and that's wheat he responded with today. Is it inconsiderate because he got back to me so late? He has told me he liked me before and he would ask questions like "could u see yourself being with a man like me"... Then he'll have his moments where he wants to be a "jerk" he'll change the channel if I'm watching something etc were in our early twneties by the way lol


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  • people that like you tend to go out of their way because they're considerate of your feelings. this occurs cuz when u like someone.. a lot of questions that float around in your head begin with: "what will she think if i..."


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