Why is he still shy or nervous around me?

Well we've been "friends" or seeing each other for about a month now. In the beginning we would text quite a lot, not everyday but maybe three four times a week. I am usually the one asking to hang out and stuff and he told me that I make him very nervous, and he's nervous to hang out with me one on one. Now we've hung out quite a lot but never just the two of us. It's always around friends or other people. We've only hung out together once just the two of us and I loved it. And I thought he did too. But now he hasn't been talking to me as much. It's been two weeks and he never texted me back or anything. But just now he texted me just saying hi. We started talking like nothing happened and I again asked if we could hang out. We didn't make any official plans or anything because he had work but I aleast thought he would text me to let me know if we were still going? He never texted me. I have told him I liked him before and he told me too. I just don't understand why he would still be nervous or shy because when we hangout usually we end up making out at the end and just talking. He also just got out of a long relationship with this girl so I've been trying to give him space by not texting him, I just don't want him to think I lost interest in him. He doesn't text me but he looks at my snapchat story which makes me think he still likes me.. He is just very confusing. What do you think I should do? Right now I'm just going on with my life not talking to him and trying to give him space, but I want to talk to him but I just don't want to end up asking him to hang out again and him backing out. He does seem to act quite shy around me but I thought he was a pretty outgoing guy. Should I just casually send him a "hi" even though he just ignored me few days ago? I don't know what to do!


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  • Yes say hi to him so he knows your thinking about him and he will know you haven't given up


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  • Do you think he's really shy or perhaps just isn't ready for anything more with you yet and is holding back because of that? I think a text saying hi, maybe even something amusing that doesn't put any pressure on him would be fine, but if he doesn't reply, or takes ages, the chances are you want different things for now. The speed of the reply and the content will give you an idea.