Is he worth it?

Okay so please please no disrespectful answers or rude ones. I like this guy and my friends say that its disgusting because he looks... You know... Anyway i really like him. I think of him always, I need to always hug and touch him, I have to talk to him, He has to be mine. But sadly... I am not sure if he likes me... He said that there was a chance 50 percent of dating in the future. So yesterday, I asked him if he wanted to be partners in a project and he said YES!! I was soooo soooo happy i couldn't sleep. But... The next day he said sorry he chooses his friend... I felt embarrassed and heartbroken... Yes, him and i are great friends. I faked smiled and said it was okay. I did not like people who cannot keep their promise... Please answer politely, you might not understand how i feel. And


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  • This is definitely not the worst thing that's gonna happen to you involving a boy. You sound pretty young, but anyway, it's just a project. Does not mean he doesn't like you or anything like that, he just wants to be with his friends on this one. Don't think too much about it, give him some space😊