Should I give up on him?

Last week I started talking to this guy from one of my courses. We first started talking when I saw him in the college cafe and I asked if he had done the homework and we talked for an hour. He joked about winking and we picked on eachother. When it came time for him to leave he asked if I wanted to follow him up to the school I was heading that way so I said sure. When we split ways he shook my hand and I didn't see him until the following Monday. I was in the cafe again, but this time I saw him walking and I called out his name and he came over and we talked again and ate lunch together. This time when he picked on my he winked at me and when I talked about my experience back when I had braces he said he like my smile. I then asked if I could go with him when he was going to the library to study and afterwards I asked for his phone number. I texted him later and he relpied only twice before he stopped... I though maybe he just wasn't into me because he still hasn't texted me, but the next day he stopped me in the cafe and invited me to join him and his friend that was there with him for lunch... so despite what my brain was saying I followed my heart and sat down with him... So I'm really confused as to if he is interested because he is shooting so many mixed signals and I hate the inbetween stage where I dont know if we are just going to be friends or look for something more... help!!


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  • Do you know if he is single, or are you just ASSUMING he is not taken bc he talks to you in the cafe?


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't think too much about it right now, wait for more hints. He might've been busy when he stopped texting you and then forgot to reply.