He wants to date me but I don't have feelings for him?

We've been hanging out a lot, and I just go with the flow, it's how I am. So we made out quite a few times and cuddled and stuff.

I don't really know why I let things progress so far if I don't have feelings for him, but I did.

How can I get out of this situation? I don't want to date him and I don't have feelings for him.

I also don't want to be a bitch and hurt his feelings


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well after leading him on so heavily there's no way avoiding technically being called a bitch. I mean... you hang out, you cuddle and you also make out? The guy's going to be 100% certain you're into him. It's almost guaranteed that he's going to see you as a bitch unfortunately. It's best you just prepare for it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I always let people know where they stand with me, because if you don't then you only hurt yourself and the others person. It'll become more complicated as time goes on.

    Personally, I would be tactful , but honest with him. It is better to be honest to prevent him clinging onto false hope.

    Being honest may hurt him , but lying to him will destroy his trust. He'll get over the hurt, but it won't be so easy to regain his trust.

    In the long-. term... . a clear rejection is less painful than false hope. 💚😊


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What Guys Said 2

  • Tell him you don't have feeling for him in a direct way and not a round about sneaky way.

  • It's best to be honest with him leading him on only hurt worse


What Girls Said 1

  • Do the decent thing in the nicest possible way and tell him.. He deserves that at the very least.