Do you think its crazy or no?

My boyfriend is 23 and I'm 19 he's a family man and I kina am my mom favored my other sister so I was pretty lonley in my new home. But I moved in w my boyfriend and have been living here for 4 or five months and we are always at his parents even on weekends or babysitting her kids. Now since the holiday is coming up his dad gets sensitive about my boyfriend and wants to spend time w him, but I asked my boyfriend does his dad always get sensitive when the holidays come and he says no but all of sudden he is now when I am in the picture even though we are there a looot. They have been making a room out of the garage for two weeks now and are bonding and I don't mess w them and a mother family member joined to help them. but after two or three days of building he said he doesn't go over there much yet he does before the building. Then my boyfriend told me that if we don't visit them in a week at least then that's a problem but when we are over there on work days its : he goes to work, gets off, picks me up , drive to his parents which is down the street, starts working on the garage while i sit and sketch until 4-9 or 10, then go home and he falls asleep on me. And the schedule when he's not working on the garage is: he goes to work , picks me up, go to his parents , watch t. v. or w then until the game comes on stay there 4-9 , go home, he falls asleep. I understand he's busy w the garage but I wish I still had more private time w him. I do tell him though. But do you think its crazy how we don't visit them in a week then that's a problem? What do you think about all of this?


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