Is it easy to find a boyfriend in college?

Do most college freshman guys just want to get laid or are some of them looking for a relationship? Is it easier to date in college than in high school? I'm a senior in high school and am just a little curious!


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  • Depends on how attractive you are, really, if you believe you lack in the sex appeal department, you should be the one who's making the first move.
    The hot gals get all the boys unfortunately, even if they'll just sit in the cafeteria most of the time


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  • It varies, most likely dependent upon what area you're majoring in. My experience in college was that there were plenty of guys who just wanted casual flings or open relationships, but they're very easy to tell apart from the crowd. But one of the sweetest boyfriends I had the pleasure of dating (it just didn't work out due to our life goals) was a guy I met freshman year in college and dated up until my senior year a few years ago. It's helpful when you're dating someone with the same major as you and a similar class schedule. Work is very time intensive in college (or it should be if you're actually doing your work) and it's hard to make a lot of time for extracurricular frivolity. First and foremost, though, I recommend not "trying to find" a boyfriend. If there's an attraction there, it'll make itself known. You'll meet plenty of guys, don't go looking for them. If they're of any worth, they'll come to you.


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  • Number of fuckboys just increases. More hornier guys too who want a fling. Plus its very hard to maintain a relationship in college because you hardly have time, where in high school you both probably had the same schedule or at least got home at the same time. Maybe there are more mature guys but ugh the range is so huge most guys are just tryna fuck