How can I beat my inner thought?

Hey GAG users ! I'm facing a difficult situation lately, which is to ask out a girl. As having never dated someone in the past, it needs a lot of effort to do so. The issue is that everytime I want to ask her out, something in my brain prevents me from going out from the comfort zone.

I really want to ask her out but do not know what to do anymore.

Anyone to help me out please?


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  • If you really like her you should ask her out and stop hesitating.

    • If I had enough courage to do so I would have done it long time ago, unfortunately I don't have it :(

    • Do so, if you don't you will regret it

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  • What would you rather have? A life lived with regret, wondering, hopeing, and wishing? A life where you mentally destroy yourself from within? A life where you always wonder what if? A life where you see her next boyfriend and say it could of been me?


    A life with an answer to your question.

    Seems like an easy choice. Take control of your life and you'll quickly find out life begins on the other side of your comfort zone. Imagine the tremndous weight off your shoulder, the stress gone, the wondering over.

    Realize you can make your life better, with an answer, whether it is a yes or a no. It is a win win situation.


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