How to let her down easily?

I've been flirting/talking to this girl for a little while and now she is extremely attracted to me. She says she wants to by my girlfriend and that she likes me. I have feelings for her too, but the problem is, they're fading fast and it's got nothing to do with her. It's actually got nothing to do with anything. And i can't help this. She is really hinting me a lot to take her on a date, and all this other stuff couples do and i just don't really want to. I'm not sure if it's commitment issues i have or just something else. I've always been good with getting girls, but i've never had a girlfriend before. I just don't know what to do. Please help. And i don't want to use the typical friendzone speech because it's so cliche and i want this to be genuine.

If you are a girl, what would like to hear? What should i tell her?
If you are a guy, what have you told other girls before? What should i tell her?


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  • The truth. Tell her the truth.

    You had feelings, but they're fading into something different. You value her friendship, it seems, so say that too. You're sorry if you're hurting her feelings, but you think she deserves someone who is into her for all that she has to offer.

    I only suggest what seems true from your post. You may not be able to let her down without hurting her at all, but it is going to be less painful than letting her string along longer.


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  • You answered your question.

    Tell her you have commitment issues.


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  • Like I said! You can't your going to hurt her!!! Maybe say something like, Jane your a sweetheart and I think are better off with someone else because I am dealing with my emotions and I don't want to fake like you but I want really like you. So I am probably going to need time to understand my own feeling. I want be real with you not fake thats why i cuting the BS!

  • Tell her you dont like her like that its alright you assuming she would be all broke up because of you would be a gréât way of approching it at your age cause i would be like oh yeah player and do someone else on the spot. but im 40 now and have calmed down why just yesterday i opted not to

  • Look, you are a nice girl. But I'm not ready for this. Sorry, babe.


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