Realtionship that I know is worng but can't leave alone?

My friendship with this guy has always been very flirtatious thats just how we are. I have started to crush on him, unfortanitly i found out that he has a girlfriend and things between us have gotten more intense coming from him and i try to not play on it but its hard not to and its getting hard for me just to have a normal conversation with him. i have enen gone and deleted his number and have ignored him for a while but it is really hard to ignore him becasue i work with him almost ever weekend its also hard to ignore is text when i have his number memorized by heart. anyone have any ideas on hwo to handel this and or deal with it?


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  • There's tons of single guys in the world, yet you pick someone in relationship. Why?

    • i did not find out for a while that he had a girlfriend. so know that i know im trying to distance myself from him and stuff

    • At the point where he was confirmed to have a girlfriend it was time to dump him.

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  • Realize that he is not a respectful or honest person. Is that someone you really admire or respect? He doesn't respect his relationship, and so he wouldn't respect yours if you dated. If he truly valued you, he wouldn't flirt whilst remaining with his girlfriend, he would end things with her, so he could pursue you. He's playing with you, manipulating you, and you have to use your intellect and realize that you can make better choices than to settle for that.


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  • ugh... then if you can't stop ignoring his text than please just hide your phone! Thats what I would do!

  • I'm in a really similar situation and I don't know how to handle it (he even confessed his feelings for me at work) so would appreciate others' thoughts on this too.

    has he said anything about his relationship/his girlfriend so far?

    • only that he has a girlfriend and the other night at our meeting at the fire/ rescue station i came form the gym so i was in work out clothes and he kept telling me that i was going to get him in trouble because of how i was dressed and that then he would not only be in trouble with me but with his girlfriend.. but the things that he does say makes it seem like he doesn't want to in a relationship with her anymore.