Girls, Please hit the poll! I am Pakistani! will you not date me just because of the reason that I belong to third world?

There is a big reason behind this question but, in brief, i want to ask you girls that will you avoid dating me because i belong to different culture, region, religion, etc? By the way I am not a terrorist, neither I am invloved in killing humanity or even animals. I am a PhD student, studying in Europe; but recently faced such comments so just want to hear the fair opinions from the girls all over the world (from each continent)! I am not that bad looking as well, I dont have huge muscles but my looks are good! my heart is pure, and my intentions are to care every form of life!

  • Yes! This is not my criteria to judge!
    67% (2)
  • May be, but I have no problem with Pakistani's; though I avoid experiencing new stuff
    33% (1)
  • No, I will not because dating someone from third world means a lot to me.
    0% (0)
  • Not at all, i have other reasons (mention in comments, anonymous would be fine)!
    0% (0)
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