Is this creepy/stalkerish?

OK me and this girl have been talking and things seem to be going good. We met online, but we both live in the same town pretty close to each other. Well I went to MySpace and Facebook about a week or 2 into us talking and looked her up, so I could see if she really was who she said she was (had a lot of bad online dating experience, call me paranoid). Well turns out her profiles on both sites were open, so I could look through her pics and stuff, so I got nosy and did. Eventually we met in person and I like her even more now, she feels the same, and things are starting to progress.

I'd add her on there, but SHE hasn't told me her last name (even though I know already) and I don't want to come off as weird.

I just want to know, is it like creepy or stalker-ish to look someone up like that and go through their pics before you meet them to see if they aren't totally fake? I mean, is this something that normal people do these days, or am I taking it too far?


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  • No that's completely normal. As long as you don't tell her.


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  • how did you find her if you didn't know her last name :S

    and ajane1234 is right, she probably did it to you too.

    • She lives in my area and I know what high school she went to. I typed her first name in, put in the town, and the high school in Facebook then pressed enter, and there she was.

  • Very normalto look at her pics and stuff and why not exchange last names? I mean I'd never meet a dude offline if I didn't know his full name!

  • No not at all. she probably did it to you too.


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