Do men appreciate it when their girlfriend buys lingerie to wear for them?

i just got my first boyfriend yesterday. we'd been dating for about a month and i want to buy some lingerie to wear for him. since he's the first guy I've been with i dont own anything sexy so i want to get something that i know he will like. he knows im going to get something, and i asked him what his favourite colour is. he knows he's going to be my first so im really really excited to buy lingerie.

do you think he'll like it?


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  • Yes of course. I love that!

    • we just became official. so its not too early is it?

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    • No i think thats ok. Spontaneous is sometimes good too. But new years is good

    • i may tell him, just to be funny but that may make it even better cuz then he'll think im not going to follow through with it :P


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  • He should. As a guy is always cute to see something nice and sexy infront of our eyes😜

    • even if we just became exclusive? it won't freak him out right?

      then again, he's already said yes to meeting my whole family this coming month so i dont think its too fast

  • I tried to.


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