I ignored a guy who checked me out, and now I wanna go out with him! What should I do?

So there's this guy, Jules in a couple of my classes.
This one day he smiled at me and then he kept on creeping closer to me then he "talked" with me. Just about random stuff about the class, and I asked him a question which came out with a hilarious accent! I burst out laughing and he just stared with loving eyes at my mouth, and I was shocked. We didn't exchange names or numbers or anything. :( So I avoided him after (I run away from love usually). I saw him steal quite a few glances in the next classes. Then one day I was really stressed for an exam and I didn't mean to but I gave him a mean look, I regretted it since. Cause he hasn't looked at me :( So what should I do? Should I let it go? Should I try to talk to him or to get his attention again? The thing is I really wanna go out with him, and I think that this could eventually turn into something big maybe I don't know... So I wanted to know from a guys point of view, if u were Jules, would u get annoyed or be flattered?

Thanks for the feedback!! :D he didn't know I had a test so I guess he took it really personally since he hasn't looked at me since. He sits next to a friend of mine in one of the classes. Should I try to get the seat next to my friend tomorrow and hope Jules will come next to me? Or is that creepy and I should tone it down a bit. Hahaha


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  • Well if I was him I would be a little hurt that you did that but I probably would forgive you and talk to you agai. So I'd try getting his attention and see what happens from there


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  • If I was Jules, I'd feel kinda bad if you just burst out laughing cause of an accent I had. If he's giving you glances and "creeping closer" to you, then obviously Jules here has some interest in you. If I was Jules, getting that mean look from you would definitely scare me off. If you have interest in Jules, try to talk to him, if you don't really have that big of an interest towards him, just forget about the whole thing and see what happens. If I was Jules and you come to talk to me again, I'd forget about your past mishaps and talk to you again. So it just depends on you.

    • Twiggy, I burst out laughing cause I had a weird accent !! Hahaha
      I have an American accent and it came out a mixture of Italian/French/holland weird accent! That's why I laughed! Hahaha
      The more I bump into him, the more I regret giving him that look :(

    • Ohhhhhhhhh haha, that is funny. He probably thinks you're weird in a cute way then. I was thinking you laughed at his accent I was thinkin you were hella rude haha. Just talk to him again! If I was in his position, I'd think you're weird in a cute way but because you scared him off, I'd say it's your responsibility to approach him.

  • Flattered. Always flattered. Sounds like he also already gave the green light

  • Talk to him and tell him you'd like to go out. Simple.


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  • talk to him say hi and let things flow.