Guys is it embarrassing when a girl likes you a lot?

Like the girl likes you a lot and you can tell? Shell do things like write you letters, give you presents, and wants to talk to you often?
Im only asking because i was talking to this guy i used to like and he said i wrote him a letter and it was embarrassing how i liked him so much. It honestly hurt my feelings. I dont think im that bad and honestly the guy is just a bad guy in general.


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  • I wouldn't quite label it "embarassing". I'd feel flattered and appreciate her efforts. Even if I didn't like her back, I'd still feel flattered, but would - depending on how often she does these things - would let her know how I feel. I don't think I would ever call it "embarassing".

    • Thank you for the answer

    • The effort you put in is really cute though, so don't ever stop doing that. You'll find someone who appreciates that, cause honestly not many girls do that kinda stuff.

    • Honestly I feel like I've just been putting effort into the wrong guys aka guys who seem to not appreciate it. But I will, but I will just wait until someone appreciates the effort I put in. Thank you.

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  • This has nothing to do with you. He's immature and unable to handle something new Ike a pretty girl giving him the kind of attention you have.
    Don't take it personally just know, he's not mentally equipped to deal with it properly.
    Just curious how old is he?


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