What clues do girls give when they are flirting with you?

what clues do girls give when they are flirting with you? do girls always use smiley faces in texts? I get them all the time...


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  • I personally like to tease. I usually smile a lot, make eye contact and genuinely listen to what a guy has to say. Dating "experts" say that body language is a biggie. e.g.: eye contact, leaning towards you, etc. I might also bump shoulders with a guy if we're walking close to one another.

    Girls may use smileys in their texts. Generally, I use the smileys all the time, boy or girl, friend or boyfriend. Doesn't necessarily mean they're flirting but may be a very good indication if you're wondering if she's flirting or not.


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  • Haha depending on the girl. Most girls over use smiley's in text messages or just in a regular text. But in person, most girls smile and laugh alot. They'll tend to blush a lot or even touch there hair. A lot of girls have the hair touching thing in common. It can be any touch really. Twirling the hair, flipping there hair, brushing there hair, playing with the tips of there hair, etc. Other girls who aren't really shy will hit you in a playing well, or roll there eyes and laugh, with a little shove. But it text messages its hard to tell. I use smiley's all the time. To friends, my parents lol, or to guys I have crushes on. Usually they'll play around a lot if she is flirting. I just gave you a over look on both types of flirting haha, hoped I helped some?

  • Sometimes or they use wink faces,

    they also agree with everything you say.

    e.g you: like these chips' her: 'yeah they're real hot ;)'

    well that's text flirting, real life flirting is a whole nother story x

  • we'll use some sexual innuendo.


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