Our mother is extremely lazy?

this woman doesn't work, she doesn't want to learn to read or write, she sits at home all day, cooking and cleaning, she sleeps in, sometimes grocery shopping, doesn't have hobbies, sits infront of the tv all day, doesn't want to improve im life or move to another city, never goes to parties to socialize, has a fe over the phone friends, doesn't work or go to school, she isn't active in life , seeing her depresses me, she is SO LAZY. Why is she that way? she doesn't want to do anything, she just bad mouths people or make I feel guilty for doin something with ur life.


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  • You're being too harsh on your Mom, maybe she doesn't want to socialize, let her do things at her own pace... And she's cleaning + Cooking so yeah, she's not doing nothing..

    • no she is a bitch, she never wants to me to live life and always makes me feel guilty for living my life, she gets jealous and starts becoming mean


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  • Some people are easily contented and don't want more from life than what your mother already has.

    Or, she could have some kind of problem. Perhaps she has social anxiety about being with people or agoraphobia that prevents her from going out. I'm no doctor, but there are reasons besides laziness that a person may act this way.

  • than she depressed sounds like me!