Dating exclusively but he doesn't want a title?

So i've had this guy friend that i've been friends with for over a year, and until recently we've always just been friends. About a month ago he came to a party I had and we both got really drunk and ended up sleeping together. The weird thing was, it wasn't weird at all. After that night we have seen each other every single day. About 2 weeks ago we talked and decided we should date exclusively but not tell anyone. (We have the same group of friends). That has been fine and all but he always reminds me that he doesn't want a girlfriend. So am I really just wasting my time? Not saying I want him to he my boyfriend right away but I would like to think that that's where it's leading. He acts like my boyfriend though already, he takes me out on dates, i've met his whole family already... is he leading me on or is he just scared..


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  • Some people just aren't in to titles/labels. After all, labels are only for soup cans, right?


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  • Yep. I think you're clearly wasting your time since he has mentioned to you already that he doesn't want a girlfriend.