Boyfriend being distant, why?

Me and my boyfriend were going on a "find ourself" and being separate, we he was going to do it but we decided to compromise, and work on each other together but he is kind of being a douche, TBH. Sometimes we will ONLY answer to a double text and send me "ok" when I send him long messages. Then I said " well I get out tomorrow at 4 do you want to see each other" and he was like "idk" and then I said " any other time you want to see each other" and he text me and say "nah" wth. And sand said I'm taking it out of proportion... And I was like "all you had to say was no" long story short... He said "sorry since you tripping off of it" ..
like what does that mean? He is always into seeing me, but wth. And why is he acting like this?


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