Girls big emergency?

I had this girl in class who's a friend of my guy friends. She had plenty time to make moves. We just graduated. She added me on insta. She liked my selfies and comments on my post. One time she liked my post that said "I need a babe and i don't need a babe". It was my birthday last week. She said "we should take our cars out for a race & nice rims you have *in love emoji face* ". Another time she said "i just got a new car and we should celebrate with a cold beer". I had girls in the past so im not ugly. When my own friends asked her about me she said "he's cool". We never hang out or talk/txt this is just on insta.

Honestly could she like me or is she just being friendly considering she only has 88 friends on insta? meaning her news feed could be boring


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  • It sounds like she is interested in more with you... I'd definitely think there's something more than just being friendly.


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  • just ask her out already... You've asked this question like 10 times... And you keep saying "I had girls in the past so im not ugly." Dead give away...


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  • Sounds like you could have a potential date if you ask her.


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