Is it over can I save this friendship please help?

can i get help i don't know what to do please? is this the end of the friendship? bit of background we use to be boyfriend and girlfriend then we tried to be friends. and if it is the end can i get help on what to text to her to thank her for everything and leave politely or see if i can save it. here is a link to the text images we had please help

is it over can i save this friendship please help ?

is it over? can i save the frienship?

so i shouldn't text anything for the holidays wishing the best?
so i shouldn't text anything for the holidays wishing the best? so just cut my loss and leave. did i respond to her i a good and dignify way? on the last text?


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  • She told you not to contact her and call her friend, those last messages you sent were extremely clingy. Leave it at that and move on.


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  • She sounds like a bitch.

    Why the hell would you keep yourself in that situation?

    Move on, there's no need to text her anything at this point.


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  • It's over, I'm sorry. I think it's best to leave it as it is. You've done your best.


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