Girls, Does age difference matter to you, when it comes to Casual sex?


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  • Age doesn't matter, but maturity does. There are guys in their 20's who are perfectly capable of handling that type of arrangement, and guys in their 50's who aren't and never will be. It's all about choosing the right partner to suit your needs, regardless of age. (Assuming everyone is a mature and consenting adult, of course.)

    • thanks :)) Have you ever had casual sex with a random guy ever?

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    • Jason should refrain from giving advice that could be construed as being condescending. :) If he just wanted to party with her, starting out the conversation by criticising her life choices wasn't the best way to get her phone number.

    • What do you think was on the girl's mind when she was approaching Jason?


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  • It depends on the girl. For me, as long as you are in good shape and you're attractive, we can go at it.

    • cool. Have you ever had casual sex?

    • No, I'm still pretty young and haven't had much of a chance (high school keeps me busy and I have hovering parents), but I've got a clear idea of what I want from people.

    • Just asking Thanks :)

  • Yes it doesssss

    • thanks :)) How younger or how older, would you go for, when it comes to casual sex?

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    • Exactly :)

    • cool ! How long after knowing him did you have casual sex? Did you hint it to him or did he ask?