Do you think he really sent me his bank statement on accident?

I've been dating this guy, and recently he accidentally sent me a picture of his bank statement through a text. The message after it was like one for an investor/client/someone who would ask for his bank statement, and after that he apologized and joked about it clearly not being meant for me, but I'm having trouble believing it was just an accident. He had about three quarters of a million dollars in that account by the way. But who even sends out copies of their bank statements over text? Wouldn't you at least do that via email? I just think it's all really weird to be honest. He also has talked about making a lot of money and things before, which I kind of brush off, and this doesn't improve anything...

Could be an honest mistake though and I'm just over-thinking it, I don't know.


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  • I have a very hard time believe this was an accident, for several reasons. Like you said, it's seems pretty weird to send something like that via text. Even more, it seems weird to be sending it in the first place by any means. I don't see any reason why a broker, financial adviser or whatever would want a bank statement. I've never heard of anyone wanting a statement like that.

    Another thing I think is weird is having that much money in a bank account. It was a bank account and not some other kind of account? People don't put that much money in a plain old bank account. They invest it. Even if they had it in the bank, they'd have it split up between multiple banks, and/or multiple accounts. If this is in the US, then that much money in one account is not even insured.

    There are just too many weird things about it. I don't see any way to give him the benefit of the doubt. The whole thing seems manipulative.

    • Yeah, I really have no idea. It was a Bank of America account, and it did say something about Merrill Edge Investment, but I don't really know much about why he would be sending it to anyone. His message after the picture was like "Hey, really sorry about forgetting and thanks for the message on a Sunday. Would this cell phone snapshot do? Unfortunately I'm flying out on business soon and won't be able to get you and "official" bank statement before Tuesday at the earliest. It's ok if it's a non-starter (totally my fault!!) I'll just move the funds back to the holding account. Thanks a lot for your help."

      I'm not very well-versed in finance or how large amounts of money are moved around, so I don't know how legit that all is. I just know if I were ever sending anyone stuff about my bank account, I would be double and triple checking that it's going to the right person. It does come off manipulative... and he wants to go out again, but this is just bothering me.

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    • Well thanks a lot for your input, I appreciate it. I just wasn't sure because the message sounded pretty legit, but I agree - probably couldn't have been an accident. Not to mention, he's a pretty meticulous, detail-oriented type of person, and more for planning than spontaneity from what I know of him, so it'd be surprising if he made such a big mistake. Oh and he's 26, so kind of around my age as I'm 22.

    • I have a feeling he might have done this because I haven't been in contact as much, and maybe he sensed I was pulling away so he threw this out there, I don't know. He's shown off before, but it was more subtle... and I think he over-estimates how much I know about investments and other finance-related info. I'm sure it's impressive, I just have no idea what he's talking about lol. I just think it's cool that he enjoys it and is clearly passionate about it. Maybe he thought he needed to spell it out to me a bit more. Whatever it is, I was already having second thoughts about dating him, and this doesn't help.


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  • He wants to show you he's well off. Knd of a cheap move to win a girl over in my book

  • If he's a trader then yes he probably made a mistake. trading is a fast paced business and u can't really waste time so u send stuff over texts instead of emails because its easy and quicker

  • Doesn't sound like an accident at all.

    From what I know about most wealthy people is that they can't help but show it off.
    I've been guilty of 'showing off' too.


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  • Yup bit mistake... one it might be a fake bank statement... and if he really was rich as claimed he wouldn't be sending ball statements to females... people who genuinely are rich tend to keep this secret until fully in a relationship because they'd rather date someone that likes them for themselves rather than money