Should I text him first?

Should I text him first?

We're both freshmen in 2 different colleges that are within walking distance of each other. We met on Saturday and hung out and he got my snapchat, Instagram, and when I said I should go at 2:30 am, my phone number. We watched a movie and he slowly nonchalantly put his arm around me during the movie and he walked me to the bus stop. He said if I ever wanted to hang out to text him. He texted me yesterday and we talked until around 2:30 in the morning. He asked me to go out, to a party one night and dinner or just staying in another night, said he had a great time on Saturday, and called me cute. Before I went to sleep, he told me goodnight and to text him whenever so when exactly should whenever be or should I just wait for him to text me again?


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  • just respond with hi hows your day going or what ever he will probably respond as soon as possible lol. Or assuming you slept in or something.


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