A 40 year old seeing a 25 year old woman?

When you read that question what pops into your head? The guy I'm seeing is 40 he is in amazing shape so attractive, owns a gym , successful and basically just a genuine nice person. I'm not sure where it's going but I'm really enjoying my time with him. But my family are not happy because of the age gap and the fact he is divorced with 2 kids so they want me to dump him. They've upset me because they've been so judgmental but is the age gap a massive one to you?


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  • Relationship just for fun. That is how I look at it. I am also 40. If we were dating you, you would to need to realize I am done having kids. If you want to have kids then I would not be the right guy for you. Not too many 40 year olds are actually wanting to start having kids again. I am sure he would rather retire instead of working until 70 putting kids through college! Just a thought!

    • I am having fun with him and it's amazing in other things. I know if I ever wanted kids it won't be with him because he kids are almost grown up. It's just people are making out I'm doing something terrible. Like when I'm 50 he will be 65 so when I put it that way it doesn't look bad.

    • No, the age difference means nothing. It is just the long term outlook for what you each want. Being with an older guy can be really nice compared to guys your age. We are more mature, more experienced and sophisticated. We are not interested in one drunken party after the other. So have fun with it!

    • That's what like about him, I think older men are less selfish aswell when it comes to sex. So yeah I'm happy for now so I'm just going to have fun and ignore everyone else.


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  • Should set red flags off in both of your heads


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  • I think that is a huge age gap between the two of you for a relationship. I would listen to what your family has to say about it (positives and concerns). But you are an adult so the decision about dating the older man is up to you regardless if your family agrees with your decision or not.

  • That is a big age gap I certainly wouldn't be comfortable with. The guy is old enough to maybe be my dad.