It's getting too much for me?

I can't deal with the stresses of living with someone who is nuts. My older sister of 29 still lives at home, she has always been a drag, a cancer, to everyone. Her character is truly truly bad, she impossible to deal with. Our mother is too scared of her to treat her and my mother is also too stupid and enables and protects her. I go through college but the stresses of college an them is getting to me, i am not me anymore, i m having trouble finding a house and its getting too much, whats should i do? im broke and finding a job these days with no degree is tough! My sister is mentally disabled, she is extremely controlling and competitive, terrortorial and just plain crazy.


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  • Ignore her. Try to stay away from the toxicity as much as you can and hold through until you can move out. Move out as soon as you can though. You have to get rid of toxic from your life or else it eats up your energy.


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  • Your sister needs her family to be there for her. Blaming her for yours and your mother's problems isn't helping anyone or anything. You're only making things worse.