Should I cut my loses with this girl who keeps blowing me off?

about three weeks ago I was kind of set-up with this girl on a night we were going to a hockey game. the girl was a friend of my best friends girlfriend (hopefully that wasn't confusing). by the end of the night we were both drunk but we hit it off a bit and on the train ride home we made out for a little, and i got her number. a couple days later I call text her to set up a date but she was busy... fine whatever. we did meat for drinks with my friend and his girlfriend the night before Thanksgiving and the night went well if you know what I mean (no sex more kissing). next week I try for another date just the 2 of us and she reschedules... again whatever. we text a little back and forth and I even tried calling her but no answer. she ends up texting me later that night. this is where my doubt and frustration starts to set in. last week I try to get her out for dinner, no answer whatsoever until the next night. she claims her phone died. one thing I forgot to mention was that I was trying to go slow cause I blew it previous dates trying to rush in to it. that's why when she didn't answer me I shook it off as it being ok. this is where I'm at now, I asked her out yesterday again and she pushes it off till next week cause she's busy with work an school, finals week. my thought process right now is this is it, i'm done with her if she blows me off again. I just want to know if I should be patient like I have been, be more aggressive, or just forget about her and move on. ant advice will help. by the way i'm 32 she is 25.


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  • Hard to say without knowing the person but if it were me and I was interested in a guy I'd make the time to see him again ASAP.


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  • Move on. If she really wanted to see you she would make time. It sucks but you might as well move on now instead of dragging out the inevitable longer.