Should I tell her it's a date?

Okay so I asked this girl out from one of my classes if she wanted to go see a movie this weekend but I never mentioned to her that it was date. Do you guys think I should confirm with her and tell her that I'm asking her out on a date and not just friends hanging out so there isn't any mixup?


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  • what really makes a difference between a date and just buddies hanging out is how you treat her. and honestly if you just go clarifying something she already knows you might get a ' lol' back.
    so what i mean by how you treat her i mean try opening the door for her. always make sure you walk side by side as much as possible dont always walk off and expect her to follow. and flirt with her a lot. find reasons to get in her space. make long eye contact. try to touch her hands. if you do those things it will be obvious that its a date and not buddies hanging out. but really if you make her feel like she's just a friend to you. she will friend zone you. its up to you to set the mood. good luck


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  • Whenever I make a date with a girl, I make sure to say at the end "it's a date!" That way they know for sure that it is a date. As for you, maybe say casually "So we still on for that date this weekend?" Don't make it seem like you are being pushy or desperate either.


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  • You tlel her.

  • no, it should be kind of obvious that it is a date