What makes someone girlfriend material?

Okay so a few months ago, a colleague of mine said about me 'yes but you're not girlfriend material, you're not the girl you take home to mum or take away on holiday with you'.

I wanted to know what makes someone girlfriend material? And what makes someone not girlfriend 'material'. Do you have an idea in your head when you first meet that person or does it change over time? Any answers would be great.

This question is for guys and girls, so answer based on your preferred gender to date, apply boyfriend to question if you like to :)


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  • I want someone who's nice and honest about everything. If she doesn't like something, she should just come out and say it instead of playing games or making me guess.

  • That's a fucked up thing for a collegue to say.

    Someone who is nice, emotionally stable, has a sense of humoropen to experiencing my hobbies occasionally and going out together for new experiences.. Someone who is also respectful (not just me, but strangers and my family), has similar values of mine

    • I know right? Made me think though.

      Thanks for your opinion. I feel pretty much the same so I don't know what I'm doing wrong here.

  • Girlfriend material I would assume meant being respectful, kind, honest, being a positive influence in the others life.

    Not being girlfriend material: disrespectful, A liar, mean, being a negative influence. Pretty much the opposite of the previous things I said.

    But every persons family is different and have their interpretation of what is girlfriend material

    • Of course everyone is different. I don't feel I am any of the negative comments... but obviously I'm still not girlfriend material. Thanks for your input :)

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    • It's just a run of bad luck, we've all been there, doesn't mean you can't find him. To be honest I have friends that annoy the crap out of me, and sometimes want to say mean things but at the end of the day I wouldn't say you're not girlfriend material. That's really mean for your friends to say

    • Yeah it was pretty mean. These remarks are usually off the cuff but they do really hurt my feelings because I'm trying to be the best version of myself but I just can't seem to be good enough. Thanks though.

  • First of all, she has to be reliable. You should be able to rely on her for serious stuff. She shouldn't be too flirty.

    Aaaah, why am i even bothering. Girlfriend material and wife material means the same thing. Just look up the marital relationship of 70's and 80's and you'll se what i'm talking about.

  • For me, and i think a lot of other people, it would be a girl that my parents would approve of. I have very old fashioned parents so they want me to marry a girl with a nice job and one that can cook and clean and all the stereotypical housewife skills. My parents are also foreign haha so they probably have a much more strict idea of the ideal girl. They dont like tattoo's or too many piercings/ piercings in weird places and especially not gages. Thats pretty much it for my parents, but in terms of myself i like a girl who is respectable and who takes care of herself and her body. Girls who sleep around a lot are not girlfriend material. I like a girl who is intellegent and has ambition. One with goals for herself and who will motivate and support me with my goals as well. Also a girl who smokes cigarettes is not bae material! Hope that helps

    • You're looking for a 1950s housewife then? Sorry, not everyone is like that. Also having tattoos and piercings doesn't mean that someone doesn't respect their body. I cook and clean, I take care of myself, I do charity work, yes I have tattoos and piercings and bleached hair but I'm not a bad person. 'Foreign' isn't an excuse. My mum is 'foreign'. Your idea of what you want in a woman is backward. You seem to want a slave, not a living breathing person.

    • Wowwww chill haha my parents expectations are separate from mine. I should have made that more clear. I meant to say despite what their expectations are, mine are much more simple, but my parents do have an influence on who i date. didn't mean to offend you, i love tattoo's and piercings, my parents just dont approve

    • You're still coming across as someone who wants a girl to be his mother for when his mother isn't around. You're entitled to your own opinion of course, thank you for your input.

  • I like someone who is easy to talk to, just say what I feel at any given time about random things like: "I oddly really like the cinnamon sprinkles on my coffee, really doesn't makes the coffee better you know? But I just like knowing I have them there." And her just laugh about the randomness of my thought. In other words someone who loves the little things of the relationship.

    • Same. Someone you can be your true self with? Not have to change the words, just say what you think. Nice. I like that a lot. Thanks for your opinion :)

  • I can't speak for him. For me, it would be a smart, considerate, active girl. Preferably somewhere between 8 and 80.

    • Of course you can't, I wanted people's opinions on what they feel for themselves! Thanks for your opinion :)

  • every girl has what it takes to be the best possible girlfriend ever, its just the matter of finding the right guy for her.
    gotta have Good chemistry
    same humor? Things in common? Hobbies? etc
    Good traits to have - honesty and loyalty
    * most importantly* always be you

    • I am always me. But apparently I'm too 'eccentric' or weird or just not girlfriend material. I've experienced great chemistry before but it was either toxic or clearly one sided. I'm very honest and very loyal though.

  • A lot of things tbh everyone has different preferences

    • Of course everyone has different preferences, I meant what are those preferences to you as an individual but never mind.

  • Not interested in dating or relationships. Fuck marriage!

    Modern women are not worth the time of day

    • I think a lot of people are starting to feel this way. I personally don't ever see myself getting married but it would be nice to have someone call me theirs. Thanks for your opinion though :)

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    • Rubbish!!! Women are as or MORE violent in every way except murder OF ADULTS.

      Women get away with crimes all the time. Men are guilty until proven innocent. Court bias against men is 6 times bigger than racial bias. Men get MUCH longer sentences for the same crime.

      Over 80% of criminals are in for victimless crimes. Feminist society has made everything a crime. On top of that 85% of criminals come from single mother homes.

      The oppression is MASSIVE. Western civilization is committing crimes against humanity (but only against one gender)

    • Not arguing with a chauvinist, sorry. I got better stuff to do. You're obviously very angry at a woman in your life but you don't need to come here and slate an entire gender, when you probably know very few women yourself. Bye.

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  • Good manners, not trashy, classy, educated.

  • That is mean. He totally based it on your looks since you re eccentric. (checked your pic)
    unfortunately appearances do matter, especially if you are have a conservative family. For instance, my parents be like: don t ever think of bringing any guy with long hair, tattoos and piercings. lol. But that doesn t mean that I do care about this if he is a great person overall. So I ll convince my parents about him.
    That guy you mentioned, I guess didn't give much time to know you no?

    • It was a work friend, not someone I was dating or even interested in dating. The comment was made after I mentioned how my (now ex) boyfriend was being with me. I didn't think I was that eccentric looking? :/ but wow, okay. Now I feel even worse haha.

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    • I won't be having my own kids for personal reasons but I like your way of thinking. If only I could find someone who was into my kind of weird. I don't know. I'm used to getting comments like this from people I guess.

      @DezSmith I'm glad you've found your clan who get you and your eccentric ways. I haven't found my clan yet and dating just seems impossible but thanks for your input :)

    • Pick me pick me in your clan^^