Does anyone believe in horoscopes? If so, how do you deal with a Scorpio?

I'm down to my last breath just tryna figure out my boyfriend and it may sound ridiculous and immature that I resorted to horoscopes but every single one of my exes and my current boyfriend is a Scorpio and they really are the same in terms of characteristics more or less. I just wanna know how to handle him as a Scorpio? Please don't judge on the whole horoscope thing, in some ways I feel it could be bs but it's really been accurate.


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  • I dont believe in horoscopes but im a cancer, and we are actually quite the same as scorpio. You need to be patient, because we dont trust easily at all. It may seem like we do, but we truly dont. We are sensitive, but we won't show it. Patience is key with us

    • The thing about that is I'm a Taurus and my sister is a cancer. Apparently we're supposed to be a great match and tbh we are. I get my sister's passionate side and her intensity but they all seem within reason (most of the times), and she's more upfront. But scorpios I cannot figure out. Every time I ask a simple question, I always get hit with some big answer that doesn't even have to do with the question I asked. I'm not trying to target all scorpios, but the ones I've encountered have all been manipulative in that way where it's like you don't believe them, but since you don't know what they're talking about you have to give them the benefits of the doubt which leaves me unsatisfied. I get passion, but I also desire simplicity. A simple solution to a problem you know?

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    • I don't know it seems like empty promises to me when I lay it out for a Scorpio direct and upfront. I mean, my boyfriend said he'll try but he's withdrawing even more.

    • Tbh the first girl i got involved with was a scorpio, and it was hell. I try to stay away from them when i can, even though i get them

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  • I deal with Scorpios by being one. So far that seems to be working for me 😆


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  • Not really but I can be wrong 🙂

  • I avoid Scorpios. Though apparently they are a good match for Capricorns.


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