What does a kiss on the forehead and hand mean?

Me and this guy have been dating for 3 weeks now, but we talked for almost 5 months. And we are madly in love and everything. We plan everything together. Today was the first day he kissed my forehead and 2 days ago he kissed my hand. What does that mean?


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  • Forehead- it means that he cares for you, and cares about your feelings

    Hand- It means he respects you and wants to treat you like gold.

    A kiss on the forehead and the hand are good signs- not bad ones. If he started making out with you first thing- that would be a bad sign. It would mean that he only cares about having you as a trophy to show you off.

    Your lucky-lol:)


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  • If I did that it would be an expression of tender feelings (not necessarily love), eventually great sympathy or empathy. Much would depend on why I did it.

    Another guy can express himself in other ways, of course.


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  • well I forgot what the kiss on the foreheade means but the kiss on the hand mean that he adores you. I love when I get kissed on the hand...