Girls wow emergency?

18 year old girlfriend had gone to a party with her girlfriends. As we all know we need to give girls space to do there own thing as well. Later that same night she asked if i can pick her up. As i arrived in my car i noticed my girlfriend and her friends talking to a group of guys outside this house party. I walked up to the group and i walked away with my girlfriend back to my car. I then noticed all the guys were heavily starring at me. No more then a second as i'm walking away one of the dudes in that group screams to my girlfriend "HHEYYYY IM GOING TO text YOU". I had no idea what that was about but i was pissed. Yes my girlfriend can friendzone this guy but it doesn't help the fact that she gave out her #. Maybe i'm being insecure I don't know you tell me.

I ended up getting in a fight with my girlfriend over this and called her a whore in the car now she dumped me (currently pissed)... Did i over react? Like how do i know if she hooked up with one of them? She was drunk not passed out but so drunk she couldn't drive (one makes bad decisions when drunk regardless of being married or taken).


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  • Well you have a right to be upset, but the whole whore part was kinda uncalled for since you don't know if she hooked up with them. I doubt she did though honestly. But maybe that wasn't the time to start the arguing. You should've been more calm but stern. Chances are you probably raised your voice at her and she put up a defense. They probably just had a good convo or just had a good time (not in a sexual way).

    Its ok to be jealous but you should probably just kinda listen a little if she's on the phone with him or ask her if you could read their messages. If she isn't doing anything wrong then she should let you. If you suspect something then just be direct but don't yell. That's when the other person feels threatened and they'll yell back. That NEVER works.

    Hope this helped

  • Congrats for being over reactive. And for posting this question a second time. You are now most likely s troll. Good day.


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