Should I go on a date with him?

I'm going out with a pharmacist tomorrow and I feel like he will have high expectations. I am almost to his level but I don't feel I'm that beautiful. He is probably looking for a model, I don't know. I kind of like him. We have been talking for two weeks. He hasn't seen me in person but has seen two pictures of me. He said I'm pretty but I'm not that confident. I feel like calling it off. It is tomorrow? What should I do?


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  • Relax and go on the date


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  • Don't cancel! You may be overthinking.. I understand how you feel about being on his level but honestly he may not care one bit about that. He asked you out on a date for a reason! No matter what happens, at least you're taking a chance and you won't have to tell youself: what if. You have only been talking for 2 weeks, meaning you both don't really know each other that well. With this date you'll learn more about each other. Goodluck :)

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    • I did cancel. I didn't have the confident.