*Rejection without reason?* Girl says we should stop talking for no reason. Confused and hurt, just need advice/opinions preferably from the females?

So I met this girl about 3 months ago, we met on Tinder (maybe not the best choice but w/e) and hit it off great, better than any girl I have been with in the past. She is exactly what I am looking for in a girl/partner. We talked for about a solid month, maybe a couple weeks longer. One night she invited me over when her parents were away and wanted to have sex but I was too nervous and couldn't satisfy her like she wanted. (This has never happened to me, I usually blow the girls mind the first time). The next day we had plans that night and we had a great time (so i thought). The next weekend rolls around and I work all weekend (im a nurse) and she goes to hang out with her best friend in a college town about 2 hours away from where both of us live. doesn't text me all weekend and then becomes distant the next week, so stupidly I start asking questions and asking her if things are still mutual between us. She then tells me she thought she wanted a relationship with me but realized she just wants to have fun being single. Couple weeks go by we still talk every now and then but no where near like we did before. I keep asking her on dates and she says yes initially but then comes up with some reason not to go. The next week she asks if we are still going to the college football game I got us tickets for shortly after we met. I tell her it depends on if she is 100% going and she says she is 100% going. The next day she asks if I have plans to stay with a friend near where the game is, I tell her I dont and I planned on this being a date that we go on and I was going to drive her there and drive her back to my place. She agrees to it over the phone but hesistantly. I text her the next day asking if she wants to grab dinner, she says she is in the city and just got off of a date and heading to the hotel. I was so frustrated I didn't answer her text, 3 hours later she texts me saying that I am a great guy and all, but that she is not interested in dating anyone curre

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... currently and that she has to turn down my tickets for the game. She wished me the best of luck and said we shouldn't talk anymore. I don't know why she would drop all contact after we were so good together. She told me things like she missed me, and she reminded me of her dad which is what she is looking for in a guy, and all these other positive signs.
I know its a stupid question but is there any hope in getting her back? She was special, the one that got away...
I know I will get a lot of "there are other fish in the sea" comments. But I just can't get over this girl. I think about her all the time, even when I have gone on dates with other girls since being with her. I try and forget but I can't.


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  • I don't know how much clearer she can make things. She doesn't want to be with you. She doesn't want a relationship (which you clearly do). Waiting around isn't going to make her want to be with you. In all likelihood, she's just going to get annoyed and cut you off entirely.

    In my opinion, the best thing for you to do is to block her number and on all forms of social media. You have to forget her. I know that it's hard, but life is not like the movies. She will not wake up one day and fall into your arms and tell you that you were the one thing she was missing in her life. That's a fantasy that won't come true.

    You have to keep busy. Pursue a new hobby. Focus on school or work. Don't allow yourself to be alone and ruminate on what could have been. That's not going to help you here.

    She doesn't want to be with you; you need to accept that and move on.


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  • She wanted a fuck buddy, not a boyfriend. You made it clear you wanted more. So she canned you. Simple.


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  • It sounds like she hooked up with someone else over that weekend. Sorry man but she's just not into you anymore. You can't really change her mind. Try staying friends with her though. Maybe its just temporary. She doesn't wanna stay single all her life so eventually she'll settle down with you if you two actually have a connection. As for now though don't push it because that's gonna turn her away

    • How long you think I should wait? Should I try and contact her eventually or see if she does?

    • No in this case you should try to talk to her because it doesn't seem like she willingly wants to talk to you at this point. She might think your intentions are to be her boyfriend and because she's not looking for one right now, she doesn't wanna talk to you because you're trying. Just tell her you wanna be friends with her. Don't tell her just for right now or you'll wait for her because it'll seem like you have an ulterior motive. Just say do you mind if you stay friends because you really have a lot in common or have get along well

  • She sounds like a tool. I'd steer clear of her. She wants to sleep around with ransoms and as far as it looks, that's the only thing she is interested in.

  • The people I know that use Tinder use it for hooking up, not for long term relationships. I'm sorry she did this to you, but I'm pretty sure she was looking to hook up and not be in a serious relationship. I'm not sure if there is a way to get her back, if she doesn't want to be in a relationship.

    • Well I won't lie I've used it for the same thing but she said she wasn't just looking for a hook up and that we were more than that.

    • People say things... but it's their actions that matter. If she isn't wanting to commit, she isn't ready for that and just wants to be a free agent at the moment. That might change, but I can't say how long.

      It sucks I know, I've heard guys tell me things before as well and not follow through.

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  • OUCHHH! Such things hurt man. Let that be the reason why i don't use Tinder. Its full with desperate women who either want attention/confirmation from men to feel more confident or one night shaggers. Tinder is a no go for me.

  • Lmaoo you were on tinder rlooking for gf? Tinder is like craiglist page 20 lol Sloots gonna sloot