I really need to sleep, but can't sleep well with new boyfriend?

He's sweet and doesn't snore, it's just that I don't sleep well when you sleep together.
I'm finishing my PhD thesis, and I've been telling him that I can keep on sleeping 4 nights a week with him, because the next day I'm so tired I can't concentrate.
In fact, I think I shouldn't sleep more than one night a week in order to be able to concentrate and finish the thesis. We started dating about a month ago, and I have less than two months left until I finish the thesis.

Am I being reasonable for not wanting to sleep with him? If you were him, would you be disappointed?

Thank you!


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  • Just tell have him come over and after sexy time have him sleep in another bed or on a couch!


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  • I understand how difficult it is to concentrate and write thesis. Rest at night is definitely needed or else the entire next day is wasted which one cannot afford while writing thesis. If I were him, I should be understanding in this case and shouldn't be disappointed. Anyway it is just 2 months.


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  • If you aren't getting a good nights rest, you're not obligated to sleep with him, look after you first.

  • I think you are doing the right thing. He should understand especially when you have a lot of study to do. I had the same problem with my ex but I couldn't turn him down so I ended up being really tired during the days etc.. Then I told him and he was fine with it. Sleep is important! You can sleep with him when this it's over.