How do you know when your non existent relationship is of lost interest?

This guy and I basically began our relationship through text (which i'm kind of against but) eventually he asked me out on a date (which was my first date ever). Our date was kind of really awkward and I had know clue what I was doing, which in return could have came off as I didn't like him. Afterwards he text me for a few days and then we stopped texting. I don't know if he was interested or though I wasn't interested. Fast forward two months later he still falls into my mind from time to time so I texted him to say hey. he texted back a few hours later and takes a while to reply but does reply... is he slow or not interested? How do I let him know i like him without seeming desperate?

but also to note he said he had a good time on the first date and that we should do it again. was hey lying? If he wasn't lying why did he stop texting me?


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  • If I dont miss her anymore, it is over.


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