Are narrow shoulders a major factor in how attractive a guy is to girls?

or do girls not even notice or look at shoulder width much?


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  • I prefer it but it's not a huge factor


What Guys Said 2

  • Sorry, you might not want a guy answering, but I think these things are about balance. Women say they like skinny guys, but as a fellow UKer, I'm fairly sure you're aware that relative to many countries, we tend to be rather feminised. What that actually means in reality (beyond the normative aspect of whether that is rightful, or whether we should be), is that we tend to be more mental and less physical. It's always good to balance out, even for the sake of one's own health, any proclivities that are all one way, in my view. So my view and personal practice is to do some strength based exercises (even if it's just pressups or using a sledgehammer for 5 minutes, stuff like that - I like plough pressups too), not for aesthetics, but balance. We need physical activity as much as we do mental. Observe men too. Balanced physiques seem appealing to me. A reflection of a healthy yin and yang or male and female if you like, interaction. Personally I wouldn't like to do things for the sake of just getting girls.

  • Wide shoulders are more attractive, I think.