My friends dont like the guy I like?

This guy "Riley" likes me and has for a long time. We have been friends since we were kids and has asked me out many times and I have told him that I only see him as a friend. Recently I've been spending more time with him and we can talk easily. He is super fun to be around and i am always trying to find excuses to see him. although I admit he isn't the most physically attractive person but isn't the worst. I told my friends he likes me and they cringe and tell me he's gross and isn't right for me. How could I tell them I like him? Should I listen to their opinion and my feelings in the past? Should we just be friends?


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  • I'd do what you think makes you happy and don't care about what others say


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  • Obviously what your friends think matters to you but your opinion is definitely more important than theirs. maybe if you tell them all when theyre all together they won't take you as seriously though. and if you want to just be friends then you can be