Inadequate Christmas gift?

I got a girl I have been dating a 40 dollar gift card from Victoria secret. She kept asking me about it so I told her and she said "oh it should have been 100 dollars". We have been dating for some years, I never received any gifts from her birthdays, Christmas, none. I'm just not sure how to react because I feel it was an ungrateful remark. She doesn't always say thank you and after that comment I'm realizing that. What do you think? is my gift not good enough? Should I even give a gift to someone who is ungrateful? All opinions are welcomed.


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  • She sounds pretty ungrateful. It's not like you're out to buy her or anything. It's your gift to her, she's only your girlfriend that you're dating, so she gets no say in what you want to give her. That's my opinion. Especially if she doesn't reciprocate.


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  • Your gift would have been enough for me.

    She does seem ungrateful and seems to have forgotten what a gift really is supposed to be.
    A true one is from the heart.
    You can't put a price on sincerity.

  • You can get nice stuff for $40 at VS.
    that was incredibly ungrateful of her.

  • I wouldn't want to give a gift to somebody like that personally. Very ungrateful and horrible sounding person.


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