Girls, Have you fancied a random guy who is the Shy or the Quiet type of guy?


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  • I don't crush on "random" guys to begin with. It's usually a guy I know. And to my knowledge, I don't really know any truly shy guys.

    • thanks :)) Haven't you felt an attraction with a random guy at first sight?

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    • I just think he looks good? There's not much to it.

    • cool !!


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  • I find shy guys unapproachable. I have been attracted to shy guys, but I never know where I stand with them. They are so difficult to read. I need to know a guy is interested in me too, but it's hard to determine if a shy guy likes me. They don't open up and it's hard to see a sign of interest , so I assume they feel indifferent towards me.

    • thanks :)) Do you do anything to get their attention or show that you fancy them?

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    • Yes I do but most of the time shy guys are unresponsive. It could be they aren't interested though. It's hard to determine when they are

    • so you leave them alone?