Am I overreacting because I dont want my boyfriend to hangout with two female friends alone?

My boyfriend thinks im overreacting and being stupid for feeling like this but i dont care if he messages his female friends calls them or whatever i do the same with my male friend however i do not hangout with my male friend alone out of respect for my boyfriend and i dont want him hanging out with
females alone without me out of respect for me especailly because they are single and attractive. I do trust him i dont trust other females nor like other females in general i only have one close female best friend am i really being stupid and overreacting or should my boyfriend be more understanding about it


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  • Yes. You are being stupid and over reacting.

    Go see a shrink about your insecurities.


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  • Isn't it more weird if you're able to text and contact them, but actually cannot hangout by yourself? They're his friends, not yours.
    If you don't feel comfortable hanging out with your friend alone, that's one thing, but your boyfriend is also entitled to his choices. Are you actually telling him he can only go if you can join them?

    Honestly I have no idea what kind of hangout will the three of them have, but maybe in this kind of situation you can only voice your feelings to him, say you don't think it's right for a commited person to hang out by themselves, and let him make his own choice without acting parent-like?

    As a responsible adult, if someone told me "I trust you, just not your friends", I would be cringing, because I'm old enough to know how to pick my friends and not do anything I don't want to.
    Fortunately, my boyfriend isn't one to hangout with female friends or even have female friends.
    My married male friends don't seem to mind going out with me by themselves, but now that I have a boyfriend, we mostly only do lunchs. It's not easy.


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  • Not going to lie, I would walk away from you if you did this to me. I can hang out with any and everyone I want while in a relationship. Jealousy sounds to be the key issue as these other women get time with your man. Suck it up butter cup, this issue is all you not him.

  • Here is a better question. Would you get pissed off if your boyfriend didn't want you to hang with your guy friends alone?

    • No i wouldn't and out of respect for him i do not hangout with my male friend without him i text back and forth with my male friend all the time and he does the same with his two female friends however when it comes to hanging out alone with them i would like to be there

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    • I only have one male friend and yes i dont mind if he is there when i hangout with him i get enough free time when i hangout with my female friends and when we do things apart i like him being there so he can build a friendship with him as well

    • Umm ok? Sounds more like you rather be alone with your guy friend and have your boyfriend out of the picture

  • I don't see any problem with him hanging out with his friends alone

  • Nah I don't think you're overreacting... most women I know wouldn't be comfortable with that either.

    • Thank u its not that i dont trust him because i do but its more of a respect thing for me and i do the same for him

    • I totally get the respect thing... i can't disagree with u. In all honesty he shouldn't wanna do something that upsets u and makes u uncomfortable

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  • That's really dumb. You must be full of jealousy. That screams red flags to me.