Girls, How do you prefer a guy pursue you?

This is something i kind of struggle with, following up on cute girls after I meet them, I just dont understand the concept of pursuing girls. I dont know what to say or do, so I need some advice.

Here is the scenario:

You are hanging out with some friends, and they introduce you to a guy who you are interested in. Assuming everything went according to your plan, how would the relationship proceed from there? What would the guy do?


What Girls Said 1

  • 1. Ask for her number 2. Text her if she gives it to you (your hint) 3. Write a nice, grammatically correct message asking her on a date

    • Would texting her really be the way to go? I just dont feel right texting women to go on a date, if we are getting together to study or I need to pick up something from her then I'll shoot her a text but dates are more formal then that, so it just feels weird to me.

    • If you can, ask her in person.