I went out with a guy from my class and he tried to kiss me. I wasn't sure about it so I said no. How do I know where he's going with this?

I mean does he want a relationship or just a fling. How am I supposed to ask that? He said he liked me but I mean that doesn't mean anything right?


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  • Yes him saying he likes you doesn't mean anything. He should prove it if he likes you by taking you out on a date like dinner and movies. Him trying to kiss you seems he is trying to be cheap and trying to run game on you.

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  • Relax. If you want to kiss him, kiss him. You don't need to have the next 6 months planned out. If he starts pressuring you to do things with him and won't take you on proper dates then tell him you aren't interested in being just a fling. If he responds negatively then cut your losses and move on. If he responds positively then yah for you! You just have to not stress about what everything means.


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