How much texting is to much?

A little background: I consider myself good looking/ in decent shape, smart, and funny. I get along with everyone for the most part and have no problem making friends. All of my relationships have been short to really short term mostly due to the lack of desire for a long term relationship. One thing that comes with long term relationships is somewhat routine connection over the phone and I HATE texting. I'm great with interacting with people in person but I know i definitely come off as boring via text. I feel like my sense of humor / conversation direction is extremely limited because body language reception plays a huge part with how I interact with people In general.

1. What is the least amount of texting/ phone talk required to let someone know your genuinely still interested in them?

2. Why does texting someone new feel like I'm playing a game that involves large amounts of work when regular interaction comes so naturally? Has anyone else had this experience?

3 How frequently did you and your current partner text at the begining of your relationship?

  • Frequent texting is important to me in the beginning of a new relationship
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  • Frequent texting is important during all phases of a relationship
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  • I keep it short and simple and text as a last resort
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  • I never text. I like getting to know people in person
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