My boyfriend gets pissed over stupid shit all the time?

I was just talking to my 4 year old about my grandmother. My son obviously calls my grandmother his grandmother as well. As soon as my son called my grandmother "grammie" my boyfriend for pissy and started telling my son not to call her that because she wasn't his grandmother? And then when I corrected him and said "technically she is your great grandmother" and to that, my boyfriend got pissed and said "yes but that means she technically isn't his fucking grandmother!" And stormed upstairs. Like wtf is this guys deal?


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  • Find a new boyfriend, he's literally getting pissed off at a 4 year old because be used 'incorrect' terminology
    I call my nan mam all the time just because she prefers it and doesn't want to be called nan since it makes her feel older
    Is your boyfriend going to slit my neck


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  • That's really unnecessary, it's not like when you greet your "great aunt" as great aunt.. your grandmother is still a grandmother no matter how many generations before, I think it's such a petty thing to get mad over. I would ask him why he's so sensitive.


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  • Is your boyfriend really smart? Sometimes really intelligent or intellectually strong people have a hard time with general society because they think at a higher level. So many common things are annoying to them and can become easily frustrated with most people by how they simply behave in everyday life. Of course, he needs better patience and understanding.

    • He acts like he knows everything. Even when he is wrong and there is evidence and logic behind why he is wrong, he will fight till the death of him to make himself look right. He does it with everyone. However, for the most part, he takes it out on me and makes out like everything I do or everything I know is irrelevant compared to his "knowledge". He isn't book smart. At all actually. He only has a 9th grade education and it took him nearly four years to obtain a GED, but yes, he accomplished it. Every since then he has thought that he is the most intelligent person on the planet because he allowed his GED get to his skull.

    • Ok, he kinda sounds more like a meat head now, LOL!

    • Kind of! LOL

  • Time to find a new boyfriend.


    He's going to be a bad role model for your kid.

  • Well, yeah that's pretty stupid. Your boyfriend sounds like a prick, a butthurt welled. What's keeping you from breaking up with him anyways, given your apparent love and affection in this relationship? (sarcasm)

    • Probably our kids. And the fact that he has made me feel completely incapable of going on without him.

    • Sounds bad. I can't really judge your situation, but really no one should depend on anyone. Don't blame him that he made you feel incapable on going on without him, that's a pathetic excuse. If he is a fuckin jerk and you don't want to be with him then just leave the relationship before something worse happens, that's it.

  • Because he's exceedingly immature, simple answer.

    But then again, like attracts like...

    • Basic man trying to make out like a woman is immature without knowing her. Typical.

    • Indubitably so ;)

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