Taking a huge risk/ doing something really crazy romantic…yay or nay?

I just reconnected with a guy I'm so in love with and have been dating on and off for almost 4 years now. We had had a big falling out, leaving both of us very hurt and afraid. He's at a point where he's very skittish and afraid to trust. I love him so much and want to prove to him how serious I am and how much he means to me. I've always thought the idea of doing something really extravagant to show how much you love someone is incredibly romantic. And I want to do that for him. Namely... flying across the country to support him in a race he's competing in. I can tell him how much I care about him over and over, but I think showing him is stronger. I wouldn't tell him beforehand so he wouldn't feel awkward or uncomfortable... I'd just show up, congratulate him, and plan to leave after so I wouldn't cause him any burden. I know it sounds crazy, but hey you only live once and I have the urge to do it and don't want to regret not taking the jump. But I obviously welcome and appreciate feedback :)


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  • It sounds like a good idea. I think you should take that flight and show him how much he means to you. I know he will ve very surprised and he should be happy about it.☺


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  • I think you're a pretty passionate, loving person. You truly want to take that step, so my advice is to go for it.