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So I have this boyfriend. He's a really sweet guy but he always ignores me. I don't think he means to ignore me he just does it. I've told him many times I dont like it when he ignores me bt he just says he's busy. But I see him uploading statuses how is he busy if he is doing all that? He'll ignore me and then message me the next day like everything is okay. It really upsets me when I get ignored and I feel like I can't do anything about it. I Dont want to break up with him because I feel like I'm gonna have nobody if he's gone which is really stupid because he's never there for me anyway he's always ignoring me. I just dnt know what to do. It just makes me think of my ex. He never ignored me everything was so perfect when I was with him but he just left me. I just dnt know what to do please help me


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  • Nothing's wrong with you. He just has a different idea of communication in a relationship than you do. You have three options: wait until he communicates more, try initiating communication yourself more, or leave him. The first option is uncertain, the second option is completely within your control, and the third option is bad (from an emotional point of view). Therefore, you should try initiating conversations with him more if you don't like the frequency of communication in the relationship. Waiting for a man to change rarely works.


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  • He is Putting You on his pay no mind list here, dear @AmeliaBegumxox because it seems he is Not Interested in You the way he should be, doesn't show you any Respect and doesn't Make you a Top Priority... He is mistaking your kindness for weakness and you are getting the wrong end of the "Stick it to me" stick.
    He is taking you for granted that you will always be there. He Knows or thinks you are Not going anywhere, and is putting you on a back burner, using you for a Back pocket girlfriend that he can treat and meet anytime he feels it is convenient and you are fine with it.
    Show some straw boss tough love and tell him, standing your ground, that maybe if he feels he needs a Break from this relationship, let you know when he has the time down the love line.
    This is Not healthy, I see it escalating into a new year, dear. You are probably better off alone without someone who you may as well "talk to the hand" with this Man... You deserve better.
    Stick to your guns. It sounds like he wants his cake and eat it Two by doing as he pleases, doesn't care that he is 'Always ignoring me,' and this way, it is like he doesn't really have any strings for you to pull, which is bull.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Cause he doesn't know yo expect more talking and conversing he's just trying not to be clingy. And I think you need to trust him a little bit cause this can be bad if he catches onto that you dont trust him. cause i left a perfectly good girl cause she started destroying my image by being overly clingy. Ah dont worry were still friends so far Im lucky haven't had a relation ship issue yet ^w^


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  • i think he might not be tough enough to maintain yours and his relationship together. it seems that he doesn't really interact much with you or he's literally bored with the relationship. do something quick before it turns out bad